Author Interview


Where were you born?



Where do you live now?



Where did you go to school?



Did you have a nickname?



What were you like in school?

A bookworm.


What was your favourite book growing up?

I liked the books by H. Rider Haggard.


Who is your favourite children’s author?

  1. K. Rowling.


What is your favourite food/colour/movie?

Colour: Green.


Who inspired you to write/illustrate?

My parents, both of whom liked to read.


How did you get started?

I have always loved writing. One of my primary school teachers kept a folio of my writing for over 30 years and gave it back to me when I became a published writer.


Why did you want to be a writer/illustrator?

I enjoyed reading and wanted to be a writer and an artist.


How do you think up ideas?

I am inspired by my surroundings and I like to tell stories that give a Māori perspective of our world.


Do you have a special place where you write/illustrate?

In my studio which overlooks Mahia Beach.


What is the best thing about being an author/illustrator?

When children enjoy my work.


Have you had a funny or embarrassing moment as an author/illustrator? 

Not yet.


What do you do when you are not writing/illustrating?

I like to work in my garden.


What would you have chosen to be if you were not an author/illustrator?

I also work as a historian.


Which famous person from the past would you like to talk to?

Some of my ancestors from the time Pākehā first came here.