New Plymouth

Tracy Wray

(Tracy Wray and Lynne James)





My name is Tracy Wray and I have been New Plymouth’s Central School LUCKY Book Club Organizer since 2014. I have two children; Bebe, 8, and Jez, 12. Both are enthusiastic, skilled readers.


I always include the titles of the special $2 books on offer in the school newsletter to encourage our school families and show that there is something for every budget. There are some excellent books at very good prices on offer in every issue.


 My children’s first Scholastic LUCKY Book Club experience was when Bebe was attending kindergarten.


We knew Central School didn’t offer Book Club so when Bebe started school I approached Central with an offer to help establish Book Club. In a happy coincidence, Central School had also been considering Book Club, so it was really great timing.


 At the end of 2014, Lynne (our School Librarian) and I ran the first Scholastic Book Club offer together. It was prior to the online service, so there was the usual chaos of pen and paper orders. LUCKY Book Club was well received by our families and it was obvious we should continue.


From 2015 Lynne has had other duties and I have run Book Club on my own since, but always with her continued and valued support. We often pour over the brochures together, sharing our recommendations with each other.


My reasons for wanting to encourage LUCKY Book Club are twofold. First was for my own children.


I have happy and exciting memories of receiving my own Scholastic orders at school.


I still recall being so pleased with my new Frog and Toad book, which came with a 7-inch/45 rpm record of the story (showing my age here!). As well as Corduroy by Don Freeman, a story about a lost teddy bear.




I wanted my children to experience the excitement of receiving a new reading book, like I did when I was little.


My second, closely related reason is that I have always been passionate about reading and in my mind anything that helps children engage with the written word is a huge plus.





Delivering the orders is fun, especially watching the children’s faces light up with eager expressions. I wish every child could share that experience.

As a family we have enjoyed many Scholastic offerings, including Geronimo and Thea Stilton, Tom Gates, The Diary of a Minecraft Zombie books, Star Wars Jedi Academy series, some excellent graphic novels such as the Amulet series and Phoenix comics, as well as The Hunger Games and the Wings of Fire series, to name but a few family favourites.


Scholastic has long had a large presence in our family. My children are growing up as avid readers, and have a strong love for books. Scholastic has played a role in this, and they continue to nurture the pure enjoyment of a good story.