Kaurilands Primary School


Judith Menzies will be retiring at the end of term two after 23 years in the job of  Librarian at Kaurilands School.
She looks back on her years of working with Scholastic to help grow reading at her school.

The first day Judith Menzies came to Kaurilands Primary School as the new Librarian she was told she was running LUCKY Book Club. She was intimidated by the prospect as in those days it was all done on paper. It was a huge job back then.


“It has evolved and it has evolved for the better. Makes life a lot easier now that you can do it online. The whole process has been refined and refined and refined.”

They have two Book Fairs a year. The first one is at the beginning of the year, and the second one is during Book Week. For the second Book Fair they have decorated classrooms,

parades, decorated cake competitions and everyone gets dressed up, staff and children alike.


Judith once shaved half her head for the role of Billy the Punk. “You’ve got to be involved or it’s not going to work”.
She even dressed up as the Little Yellow Digger once! “I love our Book Fairs.”


Kaurilands does a lot of advertising for the Book Fair. They email the parents that the Book Fair is coming, and they put out a brochure for Book Week which highlights the fact there is going to be a Book Fair and that money that they get from the Book Fair comes back into the school as resources and
books. They’re frequently reordering for their Book Fairs.


Kaurilands has been a part of NZSO from the very beginning. “These fabulous boxes arrive and you just can’t get into them fast enough. Standing orders are great.”

“I think the greatest thing that I have achieved at Kaurilands School is turning
children, often boys, from non-readers to readers. Seeing the light suddenly switch on and the joy spread across their face. It just makes your heart sing when children  suddenly see and understand the joy of reading.”

Thank you Judith on behalf of all at
Scholastic for being so passionate about literacy and for making our partnership in bringing children and books together so successful.


Kaurilands Primary School has been working with Scholastic for decades. They use the rewards from their LUCKY Book Club for resources throughout the school.


This time around they’re hoping to use them to get novel sets for the senior school. They currently have 19,000 books in their library.