May is Scholastic National Family Reading Month!

2021 marks the 25th year of National Family Reading Month which celebrates and encourages families to read more together.

Most of us know how important reading together is and its long-term value to our children’s success in school and in life. However, we also know it is not always that easy to put into practice with our busy schedules and increasing competition with screen time.

That is why we ask families to take the 31 Day Family Reading Challenge–to inspire you to make reading together for at least 10 minutes every day a focus, to create positive, long lasting reading habits and lifelong readers!

We hope you enjoy exploring the universe of wonderful stories there are together–from different types of books across many authors and genres, and have a great time taking this challenge!

How to take the
31 Day Family Reading Challenge:

1. Sign up to join the 31 Day Reading Challenge starting 1 May 2021.

2. Use the Reading Rocket Log as a fun way for your child to track their reading all month in May.

3. Tag us with #NationalFamilyReadingMonth

Sign up to take the 31 Day Reading Challenge. You will receive our 20-page Family Guide to Books and their  Genres e-magazine!

Use the Reading Rocket Log as a fun way for your child to track their reading all month in May. 

Philip Bunting is our National Family Reading Month Ambassador for 2021!

Philip is a talented author and illustrator of many best-selling children's books including Give me some Space! created especially for National Simultaneous Storytime - where on 19th of May it will be read from space! 

Get tips and tricks to help you build family reading into your routine and make it a positive and enjoyable experience. 

  • Model daily reading habits

  • Set aside time for daily reading

  • Carry a book with you everywhere

  • Provide a variety of reading material

  • Read aloud with children. Read more

Why does family reading matter?

National Family Reading Month is an initiative that represents the heart of Scholastic–that literacy is the key to learning and achievement, and our unwavering belief that all children, with the help of their families and reading role models can benefit from a lifelong love of reading. Read more

Join in with our authors and illustrators who are taking the Family Reading Challenge!