With your support, Scholastic has been bringing the best in children’s books to Kiwi kids, Kiwi families and Kiwi schools throughout New Zealand for more than 50 years.
Scholastic is recognised as the world’s market leader in children’s publishing, and, as a trusted and long-established publisher of books for Kiwi kids, Scholastic NZ has the great privilege of telling truly Kiwi stories – written by and for the children of New Zealand.


Our Publishing team, (L–R): Sophia Broom, Publishing Assistant; Lynette Evans, Publishing Manager; Penny Scown, Senior Editor.


The Scholastic NZ publishing team works with dedicated and talented authors and illustrators from the northernmost tip of Aotearoa to the snowy south to create books that children across our country and around the world love to experience, and adults love to read with them. We believe that books can be a launching pad into ‘a world of possible’ for children, and the motivation behind what we do is to instil a passion for books and reading into new generations of Kiwi kids.


Each year, we publish between 40 and 50 new children’s books. Most of the titles we publish are picture books. They are chosen as raw manuscripts because they are original, interesting and a joy to read aloud. Some are funny. Some are quirky. Some are thought-provoking, and others are full of information. Several of our most successful picture books have included sing-along CDs, with music by well-known Kiwi entertainers, such as the Topp Twins, Pio Terei and Craig Smith. We also publish a number of bilingual picture books in te reo Māori, and many of our much-loved picture books feature iconic New Zealand characters or recognisable New Zealand landmarks and locations.


We also publish junior fiction series, and it is often the books in such series that form important stepping stones as young readers take the leap from being read to, to becoming independent, accomplished and avid readers for life. The My New Zealand Story series, for slightly older children, explores important and sometimes controversial events in our nation’s history, experienced through the eyes of a child of the time. We believe that it is important for these New Zealand stories to be told – and to be told in a meaningful, uplifting and child-friendly way.


In a world where children are bombarded with a wealth of entertainment choices, with the printed book competing with varied and interactive entertainment for kids on screens, our goal is to create books that will become battered about the edges from being read repeatedly, books that are displayed on bedroom bookshelves, loaned out to friends and treasured as keepsakes – books that Kiwi kids love to read and choose to read.

We are proud to present you with our Scholastic New Zealand 100 Best Kiwi Books catalogue, showcasing the best of our list of homegrown titles. Thank you for your enduring support and, most of all, for your love of good books!


Scholastic New Zealand titles – we love them all, but here are some standouts . . .


Scholastic Scholastic

LYNETTE EVANS, Publishing Manager:


For an all-round delightful read with crack-up illustrations and a clever ending:

Do Your Ears Hang Low? by the Topp Twins & Jenny Cooper


For a subject dear to my heart with illustrations that beautifully enhance the words:

The Song of Kauri, by Melinda Szymanik & Dominique Ford


For a gripping story sparked by an important event and launching a series to tell children our NZ war stories:

Kiwis at War: 1914 Riding into War by Susan Brocker


For a playful jaunt around New Zealand, with plenty to spot along the way:

Where’s Kiwi? by Myles Lawford


For a picture book that celebrates the joy of language and reading aloud:

Grasshoppers Dance, by Juliette MacIver & Nina Rycroft







PENNY SCOWN, Senior Editor:


For a novel with beautifully drawn characters that tugged at the heartstrings:

Ransomwood by Sherryl Jordan


For the novel (series) that most enthralled and fascinated me:

Chronicles of Stone by Vincent Ford


For a picture book that is a delightful match of illustration, text and design:

The King’s Bubbles by Ruth Paul


For a picture book that successfully solved a most difficult illustration and design challenge:

The Three Bears … Sort Of by Yvonne Morrison & Donovan Bixley


For an ongoing series that I am proud to be involved with as it makes our history accessible to children:

My New Zealand Story (formerly My Story) series.