Book Club Details and Information


Book Club:

Customer Services: 09 274 8112

Book Club: 0800 266 525


Private Bag 94407
Botany Auckland 2163



21 Lady Ruby Drive
East Tāmaki, Auckland 2013


General FAQs for Parents 


How do I Log in to place an order?

Go to

Enter your Login Details

If you don't have a login - click on Register.


I can't find my School

Enter only the first 3 letters of your school name


I can't find my class

If your class name isn't showing, please use the 'year' option to locate your child's class.


Where is my order?

If you have placed your Book Club order via the LOOP platform your order may take a while to arrive at school.

This is because all orders are held until your school's chosen cutoff date then processed together so that they all arrive at school together.

Please see your school for when this date is as it varies from offer to offer.

Your first place to query your delivery is with your school.


Why have I been charged a delivery fee?

If you have ordered after your school closed their offer, you may have the option to get your order delivered to your home. There is a charge of $10.00 for Home Delivery.