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Welcome to Scholastic Book Club

Your purchases support your child's literacy journey and provide Scholastic Rewards for their school. With Book Club, children choose their books, fostering a lifelong love for reading. Join us in nurturing our whānau into avid readers for over 50 years. Explore now!



What is Book Club?

Exclusively school-based, a Book Club catalogue provides quality, age-appropriate selections so children can choose their own books at a discounted price. 

Books in the catalogue will cover a wide variety of formats, genres and themes. They include classics, award winners, recently released titles and books related to other popular children's media, such as movies and television shows.

We produce eight catalogues a year and your school has the choice as to how many they offer their students. 



15% of every purchase on Book Club goes back to your school in Scholastic Rewards to buy valuable educational resources that benefit your child.

1. Place your Book Club order

2. Your school earns Scholastic Rewards

3. Your school redeems Scholastic Rewards for additional school or classroom resources!

  • Your child will bring home their Book Club catalogue from school.

  • Browse the pages with your child and help them choose books that suit their age and interests.

  • Order online via Book Club LOOP.

  • The books are delivered back to your child's classroom where the teacher will hand them out to very excited students!

  • Carefully curated with age-appropriate titles.

  • Great value books from as low as $3.50!

  • Quality publishing with the best children’s books from New Zealand and around the world.

  • Books for everyone covering all interests and abilities to ignite a passion for reading!


Issue 1

Opens - Monday 29 Jan 2024
Closes - Friday 5 April 2024

Issue 2

Opens - Monday 11 March 2024
Closes - Friday 12 April 2024

Issue 3

Opens - Monday 29 April 2024
Closes - Friday 28 June 2024

Issue 4

Opens - Monday 3 June 2024
Closes - Friday 5 July 2024

Issue 5

Opens - Monday 22 July 2024
Closes - Friday 20 Sep 2024

Issue 6

Opens - Monday 26 August 2024
Closes - Friday 27 Sep 2024

Issue 7

Opens - Monday 14 Oct 2024
Closes - Friday 06 Dec 2024

Issue 8

Opens - Monday 11 Nov 2024
Closes - Friday 06 Dec 2024