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These advertisements may be placed into your school newsletter to alert parents of the date you would like Book Club orders returned to school.

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Handy downloads to help explain and promote LOOP in your School.


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Need Help Finding a Book Club Organiser?

At Scholastic we appreciate the important role a Book Club Organiser plays in a school. This person brings joy to kids and helps your school earn Scholastic Rewards by managing Book Clubs in the school at least twice a term.


We also know that running a Book Club is no small feat and that a Book Club Organiser could use a team of people to lend a hand.


Without an Organiser or a team it's unlikely a school would regularly run Book Clubs and as a result children and families miss out on having access to age-appropriate books at affordable prices. Another benefit of running a Book Club is the Scholastic Rewards program, which enables your school to purchase additional learning and literacy resources for classrooms at discounted prices. Ultimately, its win win!


We’d like to help you recruit your next Book Club Organiser or Book Club Team Members so you and your students can get the most out of Book Clubs.





Are you Looking for a Book Club Organiser

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Are You Looking for Book Club Team Members?

Letter to Parents and/or the Community


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