PR1ME in Other Contexts Charter


PR1ME is proving to be popular in contexts other than the typical school classroom as the support it offers students, tutors, and educators is unparalleled. It is being used in special learning needs instruction (Particularly around dyslexia and dyscalculia education), home-schooling and in many varied tutoring applications.


We want to support all of those that want to use PR1ME to further the learning outcomes of their children and students, but it comes with one caveat.


For all non-school uses of PR1ME, we require that you respect schools that are using PR1ME. PR1ME is designed to be a whole classroom and whole school programme, and can be easily disrupted by ‘getting ahead’ teaching from well-meaning parents and tutors. How deeply a mathematical concept is understood is as important as how many they understand, so if your child or student is using PR1ME in their classroom, your help would be best suited (and very much appreciated) in reinforcing the in-class learning through other related activities.


PR1ME will be made unavailable to those that do not adhere to this singular requirement.

If you think your school would be interested in using PR1ME, the Territory Manager of your region would be happy to initiate a conversation with your local school on your behalf.



In all PR1ME contexts, standard copyright law applies, and will be enforced.


How to Order

Teachers through a Special Learning Organisations (Such as SPELD)

Your organisation should have an account with us. Contact your budget holder for an order number, and then place your order using the form below. Ensure your address is in the shipping details, and that the order number is on the form.  If you require setting up an account please contact our Customer Service team 0800 724 652



To place an order as a home-school parent, use the order form below.  You can either order as a part of a home-schooling collective that has a Scholastic Account, or you can attach your Certificate of Exemption from a Registered School to your order when you send it in.  In both cases you will be contacted to make payment over the phone.



To purchase PR1ME for your tutoring business you will need a Scholastic Account you can use the order form below.


Send all orders to