Watch, Read and Learn

Watch the Story!

BookFlix engages young reads with award-winning, animated versions of classic books like Where the Wild Things Are and Bear Snores On. These are stories that will motivate beginning readers, reluctant readers, and English language learners.



Read the Book!

Paired with each video storybook is a related nonfiction eBook. Children can read each nonfiction eBook independently or read along as each word is highlighted on the screen. These nonfiction eBooks introduce real-world facts, building content-area knowledge, and a curiosity about the world.



Extend and Reinforce Learning!

For each fiction-nonfiction pair, BookFlix features additional activities and resources that are informative and fun!

BookFlix Supports Educators and Parents Too!

Designed by reading experts, BookFlix offers teachers, librarians, and parents a wealth of resources to make implementation easy in any setting.

Extensive information helps educators plan activities and guide instruction, including pre- and post-viewing activities for each pair.