Close reading for deep comprehension

   Short Reads Non-fiction provides 200 levelled, short informative and persuasive texts across a range of types of texts and contexts. They are designed so students learn about their world, as well as the way authors use language and various types of text to achieve their purpose.

The texts selected for Short Reads Non-fiction are designed to allow students to focus their reading. By doing this they:

  •     build their vocabulary, and
  •     comprehend at a deep level

After close reading comprehension, there is opportunity to analyse the text to learn how the author has:

  •     used the text's structure, features and organisation, and
  •     made language choices to meet their purpose.

For these reasons, the texts in Short Reads Non-fiction are sufficiently complex to be worthy of being read, reread and analysed.


Range of types of texts and genres

Short Reads Non-fiction includes both informative and persuasive texts including:

  •     reports, explanations, recounts, procedures, descriptions, expositions and discussions.

There is also a range of genres including:

  •   newspaper and magazine articles, instructions, interviews, fact files, brochures, encyclopedia articles.



Each level has  40 Cards x 6 copies + Teacher Resource Book